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For my second project at Flatiron, I decided to make a journal app, utilizing the knowledge we had accumulated in our lessons over the past couple of weeks.

The core requirements of this project were the following:

  • Build an MVC Sinatra app and use ActiveRecord
  • Use multiple models, of which the User model has to have a has_many relationship and another model belongs_to the User model
  • Users must be able to sign-up/login and validate the uniqueness of their username
  • Users can Create, Read, Update, or Destroy only their entries

In the beginning, I was completely lost as to where to…

Roughly a month and a half into my Software Engineering program at Flatiron, my classmates and I encountered our very first project of the course: building a Ruby gem that provides a CLI (Command Line Interface) to an external data source. Essentially, we were to choose an API (Application Programming Interface) of our own choice, extract data from it, and create a gem that would allow the user to interact with said data.

As Project Week was nearing closer and closer, my panic increased accordingly. “Which API do I choose?” “Oh my god, what if my code sucks?” “Can I…

I had just received my job offer from a company I interviewed with in Tokyo, Japan and my first semester of senior year at Carnegie Mellon University was nearing its end. With everything from GPA to mental health positively lined up, I was certain nothing could get in the way for my last semester. I was prepared to go out to Wine Wednesdays with my girlfriends and thoroughly enjoy myself at Spring Carnival (a 3-day event we all used as an excuse to get flat out drunk in broad daylight) without the constant and excessive worry over jobs and grades.

Jenny Kim

I’m a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a business degree, currently attending Flatiron School for Software Engineering!

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